GTA V Downloadable Content (DLC) – [2017 – 2023]

Since its release in 2013, GTA V has delivered to keep over 5 million players engaged and the game fresh. Rockstar Games continuously provides updates and Downloadable Content (DLC) that expand the gaming world with new missions, activities, vehicles, and storylines. GTA 5 Online has provided 44 updates with DLCs to date, and each update has brought something special for the players.

Let’s find out the main features of each DLC. Here is the list of GTA V Downloadable Content, focusing on crucial expansion from 2017 to 2024.

Exploring GTA V Downloadable Content (DLC)

We’re covering around about 8 the most popular GTA V DLCs, each with it’s features:

Smuggler’s Run (2017)

In August 2017, Rockstar Games launched this DLC, which focused on air smuggling. It brought new aircraft, hangers, and smuggling missions to GTA 5. Players could create their smuggling operations, transporting illegal goods by aircraft while invading enforcement.

GTA 5 Downloadable Content

Smuggler’s Run added a new dimension to the game, allowing players to take their criminal activities to the skies.

After Hours (2018)

In the year 2018, they released After Hours DLC, which allows players to become the owners of nightclubs in GTA V’s bustling city. The player can manage their nightclubs, hire new staff, and even participate in underground missions. This update also brought new music and luxury vehicles offering fresh and immersive gameplay experience.

The Diamond Casino Heist (2019)

This GTA 5 DLC allows players to plan and execute heists in an opulent casino setting. Players can also experience the luxury environment of Penthouses and new gambling missions. This GTA V best Downloadable Content added a new layer of depth to the game, requiring careful planning, teamwork, and execution.

The Cayo Perico Heist (2020)

The Cayo Perico Heist introduced a new location, the fictional island of Cayo Perico, and an elaborate heist mission that allows players to infiltrate a heavily guarded compound and steal valuable assets.

GTA V Downloadable Content

This GTA V new Downloadable Content Pack was a game changer, offering players a new level of complexity and challenges and an opportunity to earn extra rewards.

Los Santos Tuners (2021)

It is a major DLC update related to cars because 10 new vehicles with unique features have been added to GTA 5 online. It also introduced a social car space called the LS Car Meet, where players could show up at their customized vehicles and car meetups and engage in various car-related activities. Players can also participate in street races, car meets, and robbery missions.

Los Santos Drug Wars (2022)

This DLC explored the criminal underworld of drug trafficking in Los Santos with new storylines, missions, and illicit activities related to drug cartels. Players could engage in high-stakes operations and build them through the strategic drug trade.

This Downloadable Content for GTA V offers new weapons, missions, and vehicles, as well as a new interactive nightclub experience to the players.

San Andreas Mercenaries (June 2023)

Developers of Grand Theft Auto 5 surprised the users with the recent release of San Andreas Mercenaries in June 2023. Its itineraries-themed gameplay allows users to take on high-risk contracts and missions for various factions.


From assassinations to high-stack extractions, this DLC offered a new level of intensity and challenges for players for a more tactical and military-inspired experience.

The Chop Shop (2023)


Here is the latest DLC, The Chop Chop, which promises to introduce a new enterprise focused on stolen vehicles. Players will manage their own chop shop, where they can disassemble and sell stolen cars for profit.

The Impact of GTA V DLC Updates

Popularity of any game based on continuous updates and DLCs, and GTA V delivers in this aspect. In this game, each DLC has breathed new life into the game, introducing fresh content, gameplay mechanics, and opportunities for players to explore.

GTA V Downloadable Content has also introduced new vehicles, weapons, and customization options, delivering the diverse interests of the player base.


GTA V downloadable content has been a testament to its developers’ commitment to keeping the game fresh and engaging for players. As Rockstar Games continues to support the game with new updates and content, players can look forward to even more exciting adventures and criminal escapades in the ever-evolving world of GTA V.

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